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Day to day life has become stressful and time hungry. Our bodies take a hammering as we navigate life’s daily challenges.

Nutritional supplementation and immune-supportive therapies can help preserve wellbeing, restore health and, improve both physical and mental wellbeing!

With all of us being under time pressure – both in terms of our availability and our need for swift results – Intravenous, outpatient therapy is a fantastic option to achieve instant action!

Optimal nutritional absorption through the gut can have many obstacles. The diagnosis of common nutritional deficiencies (iron, folic acid, calcium, vitamin B, etc.) is increasingly common. This is a reality that many of us face, despite (what we think) is adequate dietary intake!

Enter….Intravenous Nutritional Supplementation – “Personalized Augmented Wellness”  is now a reality!    


Are you feeling run down, or recovering from illness or exercise? 
IV Vitamin and nutritional supplementation therapy can improve your health, wellness and more…


Strengthens your immune system


Promotes normal functioning of the nervous system


Protects cells from oxidative stress and enhances metabolism


Helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue – improves energy, stamina and wellness.

It is suitable for everyone from the stressed and overworked, to athletes, to older patients and to those just wanting to improve nutritional absorption. 

There is also a range of specially formulated infusions with ingredients compounded to target very specific conditions and symptoms. There are formulations on offer for cardiovascular diseases, anaemias, neurological conditions, weight loss and even cancerous diseases.  

The technology and expertise is available now to fine tune a recipe tailored to YOUR body’s needs. Just need to book an appointment to see one of our doctors to undergo an analysis and assessment to help you to select an individualized drip just for you.