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Welcome to IV WELL

A premium, accredited IV Therapy Clinc, based in Umhlanga Rocks.  

Developed by doctors, our IV drips work by bypassing your stomach, helping nutrients to go straight into your blood stream within 30 minutes.  

We offer medical & vitamin IV drips to boost your overall health, rehydrate or target your specific needs.  

If you already know what you want, have questions or would like a consultation to find out what IV therapy would best suit you, please WhatsApp, email or call us.  

WHATSAPP: 067-1231090


CALL: 031-575-8342 

Our IV Drips are administered by doctors and professional medical staff in a comfortable, accredited clinic. Our most requested drips include: 

  • IV WELL Elixir – Meyer’s Cocktail IV Drip: R480 
  • IV Well Elixir Plus – Our Myers’ Cocktail with a bit extra: R680 
  • Hydro Dehydration & Recovery – R880 
  • Immune Booster – R780 
  • Supercharge Immune Booster/Fatigue/Flu – R980 
  • Enduro Fitness Drip – R1350 
  • Super Boost Energy Booster – R1550 
  • Megaboost – Immune Boost & Meyer’s Cocktail – R1550 
  • Medical Drips for Iron Deficiency, Osteoporosis, Heart Disease + more – From R750 

Getting everything you need from food alone, is difficult. 

If you are feeling run down, recovering from illness, are focused on exercise or lead a stressful life, our IV therapy can improve your health, wellness and energy. 


We are here to chat to you, understand your needs and offer the best IV option to suit your health goals.

Book now or call us if you have any queries.  We are happy to answer any questions you might have. 

WHATSAPP: 067-1231090


CALL: 031-575-8342 

“The very gentle nurse administered my IV, it was not as bad as I thought. They made me comfortable and relaxed and it was over in 30 mins. I will be back soon!”   

– Sandra T, Durban North